Trained lawyers that use alternative dispute-settlement methods, as well as collaborative conflict-resolution practices


As believers in alternative dispute-resolution methods, we assist you in the context of mediation, namely in an international context

Mediation is a proceding aimed at finding a satisfactory solution for all parties in the dispute, and therefore end the dispute, through the intervention of an independent, neutral, and impartial third party.

Our missions:
Mediator appointed by the parties or consultant for one of the parties in the dispute, in the context of mediation proceedings

Example clause to be included in a contract:

“Any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation, fulfilment or non-fulfilment, interruption or cessation of this Agreement and all disputes arising out of the contractual relations, including disputes about the sudden cessation of an established commercial relationship shall be submitted to mediation by a person appointed by mutual consent by the Parties in order to find an amicable solution, before any legal proceedings. 

To that end, the Parties agree to attend at least one mediation meeting by delegating a person with decision-making powers for the meeting. 

The costs of mediation shall be borne by each Party in equal shares. Should the parties fail to agree on the choice of mediator, the disputes shall be subject to the mediation regulation of the Mediation Centre, with which the parties agree to comply. “

For whom?

Any French company

Any foreign group with interests in France:

Business, brunch office, or subsidiary

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