Our team

A flexible, close, and responsive team

A trusted and responsible team of experts.

Florence Lorentz


Annick Firobind



Maryline Durin

Docteur en Droit

We understand our clients

In addition to mastering English, our team has the specific skill of being completely bilingual in French and German, with a full grasp of German legal language. Our team has a good knowledge of the international sphere, notably of German culture, and basic knowledge of German business law. They benefit from vast, practical experience in international relations.

We manage projects in a cross-cutting manner

Our team efficiently assists their clients with the legal implementation of their projects in the French market, at all stages of their development. As an interdisciplinary team, they are often the legal interface between a parent company and its French contacts – subsidiaries, employees, business partners or French administrations – and effectively manage group and international projects with a multi-disciplinary outlook.

We will always find a solution for our clients

Our firm has a number of partners in complementary business sectors, both in France and abroad.

Therefore, we will be able to recommend you French partners in other areas of law (labour law and social security, or tax law, for example) or in other countries (foreign lawyers, accountants), with whom we have been working for a number of years, thus allowing us to form an informal, yet efficient network.