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“Understanding does not mean showing or telling. It means entering the viewpoint.”

Le Petit Prince - Antoine de St Exupéry

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A flexible, close, and responsive team, despite the geographic borders and distance, who anticipate the needs of international groups and companies.

Our strength lies in human beings...

Antelitis, a law firm based in Strasbourg, France, provides consultancy services in business law (commercial law, company law and distribution law), e-commerce, personal data and compliance for a broad range of companies operating on the French market.

Our clients are mainly based in France but abroad too, particularly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They include both small and medium-sized undertakings and international groups.

An offer…


Antelitis is not like the other and stands out with:

  • a small team: 3 lawyers who have been working together for more than 15 years;
  • a trusted team: our aim is to assist our client in the long-term; we offer outsourced legal services to forge even closer relationships with our clients;
  • a team with ethical behaviour: we are able to understand how group compliance works.

Our team


Our work is customised and adapted to the specific needs of the client in question. We are well-versed in the topics we deal with, and we are sensitive to the client’s strategic challenges.

Assisting the client with the development and implementation of their strategy means not only helping them manage their risks and protecting them, but also helping them to win and be the best.

Our scope of action


Our team never relies on their prior knowledge. Always up-to-date with current affairs, we create new legal products prior to or at the time of new law.

 The world is changing. The law is changing. Our clients are moving forward.

 We stand by our clients to anticipate changes and, through our dynamic, we secure their environment and help them to win.

Our areas of competence