Advisory services

Permanent and strategic assistance for your company and your group

We guide you and assist you in the day-to-day legal issues of your company and your group

By specific request or through regular presence within your structure, we are in tune with your concerns and the challenges of your structure or group.

We help you find the answers to your questions,
and we draft the necessary documents.

Choosing your legal strategy

For example:

  • What will your business model be in France and/or abroad?
  • Do you prefer to work with sales representatives, partners, create joint-ventures, subsidiaries, etc.

Choosing the appropriate structure for your business plan

For example:

  • Based on your concerns, is a partnership more appropriate than a corporation?
  • Which legal, tax, and social status is the best for the director?
  • Should the director be an employee?

The choices that allow you to guarantee the protection and value-creation of your company and its knowledge and innovation

For example:

  • Who must hold the patent, what protection is necessary for your know-how?
  • How can you protect your company in the context of digital promotion?
  • What are the key points to focus on when uploading an advertisement film for your company on a social media “Fan Page”?

The choice and the completion of all the legal operations that mark the life of your company

For example:

  • Which contracts to sign with your suppliers, your distributors, your personal data processors?
  • Which digital marketing policy to adopt?
  • Can you hold an online prize draw, and under which conditions?
  • Which liability-limitation model should be adopted for the directors (limitation of directors’ powers or delegation of powers?), which signature limitations should be integrated in the process of your company?

Negotiations with your partners

For example:

  • An important contract to negotiate?
  • Do you want to buy-back your partner’s shares?
  • Do you want to resolve a dispute with your director or a business partner?

Securing the monitoring of your contractual relations

For example:

  • Are your contracts changing? We provide for consistent legal documentation.
  • Is the regulation changing? We implement the necessary measures to protect you.

Handling the difficulties your company may encounter in the context of its business, as well as securing this business

For example:

  • Is a client failing to pay his invoices?
  • Is your partner threatening you with damages due to a defective product you sold?

For whom?

Any French company

Any foreign group with interests in France:

Business, brunch office, or subsidiary

Your dedicated contacts

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