Personal data

We assist you to ensure you comply with the current personal data legislation

We assist you and guide you with your project to ensure compliance with the new obligations applicable to your company:

These stem from the GDPR and the amended French Data Protection “Informatique et Libertés” law of 6 January 1978.

We assist you with the legal audit phase of your processes and the personal data processing practices you implement in the context of your activities, as well as with the adaptation thereof to bring them into compliance.

For this, our firm will also be a dedicated and valuable contact if your company is part of a Group and you are required to implement directives set out by the group for all its entities.

We also assist you with the occasional implementation of personal data processing contracts or the compliance of your marketing operations (digital or non-digital) with regard to this regulation (sending of newsletters, organisation of online prize draws, etc.).

Your dedicated contacts

Florence Lorentz


Maryline Durin

Docteur en Droit