The negotiation of contracts or settlement agreements

Use our persuasive force to win your case

We assist you in the context of your negotiations to successfully complete your projects or end your disputes

People and companies have different, diverging interests; in the context of negotiations, we will help you to reach the right agreement.


To negotiate in your best interests, we implement the necessary tools and we take into account the parties’ cultural background and the interactions that may exist between all the stakeholders involved in the negotiation.


Therefore, we advise you and assist you with both the signing of significant contracts, as well as with seeking amicable settlements to the disputes your company may face, for example with its suppliers or clients.


We assist you with negotiations aimed at reaching such agreements, and where necessary, we revise contracts or settlement agreements while preserving your interests.

For whom?

Any French company

Any foreign group with interests in France or in a French-speaking country 

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