Assistance and representation before the courts and during forensic examinations

We fight in court to win your case

Assistance and representation before the Courts

We will assist you and represent you before the Courts in judicial procedures involving your company (as plaintiff or defendant) in disputes with commercial partners (suppliers etc.), customers and in the frame of insolvency proceedings (such as receivership or winding-up proceedings). 


Assistance and representation by forensic expertise

We will assist you by forensic expertise involving your company.

To do this, through our discussions with you, we endeavour to obtain the best possible knowledge of the product or service performed by your company which has led to your involvement in such proceedings. 

We assist you to each meeting of expertise, and in close collaboration with you, we prepare responses to the questions put to you by the forensic expert, as well as the written statements (known as the “Dire à Expert”) to defend your interests. 

Our work may also continue after the submission of the forensic expert’s report to the court. We are then able to assist you and represent you in legal proceedings in which questions of (legal) liability will be ruled upon by the court and/or assist you in a negotiation phase (outside of any legal proceedings or alongside proceedings brought) with a view to reach an amicable settlement with the other parties involved.  


For whom?

Any French company

Any foreign group with interests in France:

Business, brunch office, or subsidiary

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